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What does it mean to poke someone on Facebook?

Poking is a common thing on Facebook, but what does it really mean? Facebook don’t describe it well, referring it to be a personal thing meaning whatever you want it to mean. Hopefully you will know what it means by the end of the article.

Poking someone is somewhat reminding people of you. Although this seems a bit self centred, it can help you get back in touch with old friends, that you may have drifted away from. It can also be viewed of, that you care about them and you value your friendship that you had and want it to continue.



And because you can poke anyone, regardless if you are friends or not, it can also be a less obvious friend request. For example, if you poke them and they want to be friends they might return the poke.

Poking has the huge benefit over Wall posting of being private. Only the one being poked and you, of course, know about it. This is compared to 100′s of people seeing an seemingly obnoxious wall post saying something like “Hi! Waiting for your reply to my question, inbox me back soon” which could be what you are trying to convey with a poke.

In all honesty, it is hard to describe poking on Facebook, it is something that to be honest, the Facebook team actually answered quite well. It IS a personal thing, and really only you and your friend know what it implies. There is no single definition for poking, that will fit all cases.

Probably the most universal meaning is just “Hi!” but everything following that is personal to you. If you don’t know the person well enough to believe they will get what you are implying, you shouldn’t be poking them in the first place.

How to poke someone at Facebook

Most Facebook users probably already know how to poke one of their friends on the social networking sites. Here is a short explanation for those who do not, or are unsure how to do it right.

Start by visiting one of your friend’s profile pages. You will notice a poke “friend’s name on Facebook” link below their profile picture.

facebook poke

facebook poke

A small notification window appears after a click on the Poke link beneath the profile. It is possible to cancel the poke by clicking on the cancel button, or send the poke by clicking on Poke.

poke user

poke user

The user will see the poke on his homepage. Pretty easy, ain’t it?

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