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As children grow up, we use cartoons to show them how things function in real life, explain them more about feelings and relationships in a way they can understand. We also show them how to deal with certain situations and people. Cartoons contain some valuable life lessons. With Peppa Pig children learn about making friends and friendship, how to accept and appreciate our differences, about positive things of playing outdoors. Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony teach youngsters about friendship, telling them it is something very precious and important, and showing how that with the help of friends you can resolve any problem. Bo on the go gets kids familiar with all the charms of physical culture. My second son, who is three and a half, imitates all the exercises Bo and her friends are doing. I find this very useful, especially during long winter months when we are not spending so much time outside. Animated movies based on fairy tales produced by Disney, Pixar or DreamWorks, teach us lying is wrong and that we should always listen to our conscience – a message from Pinocchio. With Dumbo and the Ugly Duckling we learn that it’s okay to be different and to accept and love ourselves. Children, especially boys, are very fond of Pixar cartoon Cars. It is much more than an ordinary car race. If you haven’t seen it, you have to check out this cartoon, which shows that it is not all about winning the race. Some other things are more important, such as the race itself, getting to know the route and the friends we make along the way Up teaches us that love is possible at any age, and that long lasting friendships are the most precious thing in life. It is only thing that counts. Kung Fu Panda helps children discover there is no “secret recipe” that can guarantee success in anything, or rather that they have that recipe inside themselves – it is their inner strength, determination and will to do what their heart and imagination desire and to be what they trully are.

By your powers combined I am – wait no, this game is too bad for that.

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