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Facebook Password, Best Practices

You forgot your Facebook password again? Or maybe you got your Facebook account hacked because of your easy to guess password? The Facebook password is the one and only thing that is needed to access Facebook. Sure, there is the email or username, but that’s easier to guess than the password, right? Someone who knows your Facebook username only needs the password, and boom, they are in and control your account.

Guess what those malicious users do most of the time? First, they change the password, so that you will have a harder time logging in. Then they can do all kinds of things, like posting on your wall, removing or adding friends, harassing users or reading private messages.

To avoid this, Facebook account owners need to take good care of their password. How can we describe it the best: Think of your password as your wallet. Losing your wallet can have all kinds of consequences, from losing the money in the wallet, to credit card bills and identity theft.

Top 5 Facebook Password Tips

1. Select a secure password

A secure password is necessary. Why? Because it makes it impossible to guess, or brute force. We usually say that a secure password needs to have 16 characters or more, with at least one number, one upper case letter and one special char. In addition, no dictionary words, or words related to the account owner should be included in the password.

Example: s6Ze98#DSIzcxaz5Kh is a secure password, while abcdefghijklmnopqrst is not.

2. Never give it away

Do not tell anyone your password, not your friends, not your girl- or boyfriend, and not your parents. It is your account password and you are the only person who needs to know it. Do not send the password via email, or keep it stored in text documents on a computer.

3. When in doubt, change the password

Do you have the feeling that someone may have gotten hold of your Facebook password? Or do you believe that someone else was actually in your Facebook account?

Facebook offers an option to verify if someone logged into the Facebook account from a different computer. This is done by clicking on Account, and then change next to Account Security. Here, the last login, and the location of the user are displayed.

You can change your account password in the settings as well, but remember that you need to enter your old password as well to do so.

change facebook password

change facebook password

4. Troubles remembering your Facebook password?

Secure passwords have the disadvantage that they are hard to remember. Writing them down is not the best option, as others may identify the phrase as your Facebook password.

We recommend a password manager like Last Pass which takes care of all the remembering. It also offers a direct Facebook login, without the need to enter the username or password first.

5. Forgetting the password

It may happens that you forget your password. This can happen to anyone and is usually not a situation to panic. Facebook has a specific page to reset the password. Just visit the page and enter your Facebook username or mobile phone number (if it is configured in the account).

facebook password reset

facebook password reset

Facebook sends a link to reset the password to the email account or mobile phone number. From there, it is a piece of cake to reset the password and change it to a new one.

Remember, your Facebook password is the most important part of your Facebook account. Want to share other tips concerning the Facebook password? Let us know in the comments.

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