The Blood Covenant – Dr Theo Wolmarans

Over the years people have written books regarding the blood covenant but none come close to the accuracy, the clarity and the depth of wisdom that Dr Theo Wolmaran’s book, ‘The Blood Covenant’ is able to.

Dr Theo has been in full-time ministry since 1979, and is called as an Apostle. As a result, he has a very deep and personal relationship and walk with the Lord Jesus. He is also meticulous about the accuracy of his teaching, and writing. It is of extreme importance to Dr Theo that his books convey the truth of scripture without variation or compromise.

‘The Blood Covenant’ was developed from hours of teachings, reams of transcribed notes, and sermon messages that Ps Theo had recorded and written over a 30-year period. Consequently, it is one of the most exhaustively comprehensive books on the subject of ‘The Blood Covenant’ currently on the book market.

Every believer owes it to him or herself to know what the blood covenant is. In the Bible, there is an old covenant, and a new covenant. If we want to understand the new covenant we have to understand the old one and know the difference between the two. If we don’t understand the blood covenant, we will not understand the Bible because every subject we study in the Bible is a piece of the jigsaw puzzle. The covenant is the picture on the outside of the box. When we understand the covenant, everything else we learn fits into place.

An unbreakable blood covenant such as this exists between God and man. All that God owns, all that God can do, and all that God is, belongs to you. All that you are, all that you own, and all that you can do belong to God.

‘The Blood Covenant’ is a well-written book that takes the reader in a logical progression through the Old Testament (or Old Covenant) to the New Testament (or New Covenant), using copious numbers of scriptures to back up every statement.

Unlike some books that convey great truths, but are dry and quite honestly written for people who have theological degrees, ‘The Blood Covenant’ is a breath of fresh air, with a story-telling style, and difficult theological terms broken down into easy-to-read and understand language. A new believer could read this book, understand, and then appropriate his or her covenant promises.

You will take a journey from the Garden of Eden to the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, following the thread of that most precious life force, the blood. See how God orchestrated Passover with the Israelites as a type and shadow of Jesus, our Passover Lamb. See how the blood of animals could cover sin, but how Jesus’ blood eradicates the sins of man. Read this, and see your relationship with your precious Heavenly Father in a completely new light.

This book will boost your faith beyond what you ever expected. You will read things in here that you have never read before. You will learn things that will astound you and help you enter into a realm of joy and victory you have never known.

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Source by Cori Smelker

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