Book Review – Speak to Win, by Brian Tracy

Ok, I must preface this review by letting you know that Brian Tracy is my favorite non-fiction author. I have read just about everything he has written. I tell you this only to say that in reviewing this book I do have an affinity for the author and his work, so if I sound biased you know why.

All of that aside, this is one of the best books regarding public speaking out on the market. We’ve all heard the statistic about public speaking, it ranks higher than death on the list of people’s worst fears, but this book does give an excellent blueprint to follow when giving public talks or presentations. Tracy is a very successful and wonderful speaker, and he gives insight into his own personal processes for delivering a winning talk.

Now, if you are thinking, “Thank God I will never have to speak in public,” think again. You never know what will happen in the future, and if you do have a fear of speaking in public, it may be holding you back from further success in your career.

Tracy also puts that into perspective. The reality is, if we aspire to greatness and set lofty goals for ourselves, that path may indeed go through a public talk. As with anything, as Tracy points out, successful public talks require preparation. He tells you to arrive early, check out the room, and practice, practice, practice.

This is a fantastic book on a subject about which I am very passionate. I love public speaking. If you do as well, you will enjoy this book. If you do not like public speaking, then you need this book! Stop letting that hold you back from success.

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Source by Joshua Noerr

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