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Kids need to learn about God’s word at home and at Sunday School. This starting point is a foundation that many kids are lacking nowadays. Learning the basics as early in life as possible will help them establish strong biblical roots from the get go. That’s why Sunday School games are a cool way to teach kids about God no matter what age.

Why Sunday School?

With kids nowadays relying mainly on the worldwide web and other electronics to keep them entertained, good old fashioned teaching gets left far behind. That’s why it’s hard for Sunday School teachers to find ways to keep their kid’s attention.

Where does that leave teachers?

It leaves teachers needing to be creative, fun, engaging, and spontaneous. After all, they have to compete with a fast paced electronic world. Of course, with all the additives and preservatives that are being added to foods, ADHD is something that most Sunday School teachers are faced with as well. What can you do about it?

Sunday School Games Worth Giving a Try

One of the first things you can do as a teacher is keep the kids moving, interacting, and listening. While that sounds pretty hard, once you start it’s easier than you think.

Of course, coming up with games that work hand-in-hand with your bible lesson and keeps them wanting to come back each week may become harder as time goes on. Luckily, there are Sunday School teachers around the world that have the same desire as you – to teach kids about God and they often give you Sunday School lessons for FREE!

By choosing a game, a lesson and an activity that was designed for the sole purpose to teach kids about God, you’ll find that Sunday mornings go a lot nicer.

Just a tip – don’t let change bother you or get you down. Learn that change is good and by changing things up and working with the kids, they’ll have more fun and learn better too.

If God has called you to teach, then you are suppose to be there. If you are looking for ways to teach your kids, then you are most certainly the one for the job. God doesn’t make mistakes and he needs you.

Keep trying different Sunday School games and change your routine up from time to time. You’ll find the kids will love it!


Sunday School games can be played before, during, or after the lesson. Remember, you only have them about an hour or so each week. Make each second count!

By sticking to one lesson each week, you can build on it and reinforce the main points with Sunday School games. Repetition is a great way for kids to learn, so use the same game from time to time and you’ll learn which ones the kids like best.

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